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For Generations to Come

Aurum Metal Connections Pvt. Ltd is a Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Karnataka The company plans to grow in a phased and systematic fashion, leveraging its international network, the skills and experience of its management in Metals.

The Company plan to get into merchant export business in the long term

Create an organization that works with partners worldwide to provide a platform to buy and sell metals at right price, quality and time. While at the same time developing sustainable economic models that maximize efficiency, create jobs, and contribute to creating a healthier sustainable business.

  • Lead and Lead Alloys
  • Aluminum Alloys .
  • Tense, TT, Wheel, Conductor.
  • Melting .
  • TRF for Lead and aluminum.
  • Pollution control equipment.
  • RLI and re-melted Pipe Lead.
  • Holding and Melting & holding furnaces for Aluminum.
  • Lead and aluminum
  • Casting machines.
  • operation consultancy
  • ADC 12, LM 24, AlSi132, Base metal.

Business Plan

Our first mission is to leverage our metal knowledge to establish Aurum Metal Connections Pvt. Ltd as a recognized and reliable company in the industry. Our second mission is to grow the business by exporting metal from negative demand countries to positive demand countries with an eye on various FTA‘s and duty advantages. Our third mission is to diversify the business to value addition opportunities and generate higher value to the business. .
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